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             The 10 Best Heaters of 2014

 The weather is different across the world, even in tropical climates, making heaters a special commodity to own. To make your life more comfortable during those chilly days or freezing nights, whether indoors or outdoors, heaters have taken on an entirely different look and function. Each heater is made and designed for specific areas of your home or place of work. We’re obsessed with keeping you warm here at After spending time with hundreds of heaters this year, we decided to put together a list of our favorite ten that we’re sure you’ll love as much as we do. Here they are, the Best 10 Heaters of 2014.


1Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater, Tuscan Walnut with UV Light 

One look at this heating unit, and you will definitely know why it is ranked number one. Great care has been taken in designing this heater that it looks like it was custom made to match the décor of your home. Not does this heater only look good, but it is capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet! No matter where you walk in that area, there will never be any cold spots. Everywhere is perfectly warm from ceiling to the floor for great comfort. Its uniqueness of operating closely to how the sun naturally heats the earth, this heater deserves to be ranked the best. As an additional benefit, this heater uses a Phillips UV Light for an air purifier! Sounds like it would cost you a higher electricity bill; however, it uses less electricity than a coffee pot!


2Mr. Heater (Hero Heater), Model Mh35clp, 35,000 Btu Battery Powered Cordless Forced Air Portable Propane Heater.

Mr heater



This is the end to working outdoors at a jobsite, in a garage workshop, or any large work areas when it is cold. Its cordless design and portability is perfect for these workers to move the heater to different areas. This powerful heater will last up to eight hours on a single five-hour charge; however, you can still use the heater even when it’s charging, so you and everyone else will always be kept warm. This compact heater is less than 20 pounds, but will heat up to 800 square feet. Best yet –it’s fifty percent quieter than any other propane heater.


3Life Lux 1500 Watt Dark Oak Infrared Heater with Remote Control.



If you are looking for a heater that perfectly complements any décor, this infrared heater is for you. Made out of quality wood used to make furniture, it resembles an end table or a small cabinet. Don’t be fooled by just its engaging design. This heater has enough power to heat any large room almost instantly, through the power of the infrared elements. With a timer and three different heat settings, you will feel warm and cozy when it is cold outside. This heater comes with an auto shutoff if the heater tips over, and it remains cool to the touch.


4  The Lava Heat Italia Lava 2G Hammered Black 66,000 BTU Propane (LP) Patio Heater.

Have you ever owned or seen a lava lamp? Well, this heater resembles that same concept of a nice flow of lights, resembling the different shades of orange and black resembling the colors of actual lava. When using this heater in your patio, everyone can view the uniqueness of this design as it can be seen from any angle. At eight feet tall, this heater can be used year round as it is waterproof. Amazingly, this heater is able to circulate a 36-foot area from its 360-rotation ability. It also includes a tripod design on the bottom to ensure the stability of the heater. If the heater happens to be tipped over, it will automatically shut off – great safety feature!


5Lasko Aw300 Air Logic Bladeless Heater.


Coming in at number five, this heater portrays a modern design that is great for any home décor – it blends in nicely and is barely noticeable. This type of heater has the latest in technologic design and displays many safety features, such as an automatic shutoff, is cool to the touch, and has an anti-tip over locks. The heat is transferred through a ceramic piece using the air in the surrounding area, which is filtered before it circulates in your home. Clean air to breathe and desirable warmth gives this unit originality.


6Pellet Heater Window Unit Model 2400.


An innovative heater manufactured by the United States Stove Company gained its reputation of being one of the best heaters through its creative construction. The heater is a pellet stove, exclusively designed as a portable cabinet to be placed in a window; however, it can also be mounted to a wall if you prefer. The unit is easy to install and uninstall according to seasonal change, which is great for small apartments or areas of your home that is difficult to heat.


7Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater.

The small design of this heater, weighing only eight pounds, can easily be setup in any area of your home or office. It is an electric heater; however, there is a storage area for the excess length of the power cord. The heater’s thermostat keeps the room at your desired level. In addition, it has the ability to keep the warmth balanced between the ceiling and floor keeping your home comfy with no cold spots. If you have young children, there is no need to worry about the unit becoming hot. The heater warms the room, but it NEVER gets hot to the touch, making it very safe.


8Evolution Pellet Heater Insert 2,200 Square Feet.



This larger heater, manufactured by Englander Stoves, is quite heavy at approximately 375 pounds. This means it should be placed in a central location that works for you and your household to deliver heat over an area of 2,200 square feet. That’s a large area! This heater is powered by wood pellets only, and can even be used safely in a motor home! If you want to get a little fancy, the deluxe option of this heater is elegantly designed with brass pieces. This is one of few user-friendly heaters where it is controlled digitally with a control board.


9Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea with Black Finish Indoor Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace.

The indoor fireplace has been transformed to engage all aspects of a modernized fireplace with its own unique design. This heater can easily be mounted on any wall in your home. Sounds magical, and it is! Its contemporary look adds to your already trendy décor, or you can create a new look in your home. Its curved outward design makes it very appealing, in comparison to a flat design. The flames are fueled by eco-friendly Bio-ethanol, making it completely safe. It’s realistic flames that appear to be delivery heat, creates a warm and cozy environment for any room in your home.


10The Endless Summer Northgate 1,200 Watt Tabletop Patio Heater made by Blue Rhino.

This patio heater is beautifully designed, adding flare to any outdoor or indoor area. It is easy for anyone to use, as you just plug it in and the heat begins to warm you, your friends, and/or family using soft light wave technology. Older heaters heat everywhere, including unused space. This tabletop heater is able to warm, and keep warm, the areas where you need consistent warmth and not in other open spaces where heat is not needed. This heater has its own intelligence and plays an important role in conserving energy in our environment.


Although its unique design and features rank the heaters, the choice is still yours to make. Not everyone has the same needs or likings, but this list gives you an idea of the various heaters available for your budget and lifestyle. They all have great warranties and popular manufactures, so you will always be well served if you need assistance or have any questions. Let’s beat the cold!