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Comfort Furnace Energy Savings

Learn how infrared heat can save you money in this short 2 minute video

Get energy savings immediately

Most of our customers have experienced energy savings from 35% to 50%. This means that the infrared heater you buy from us will pay for itself in energy savings within the first two years.

Heat at a fraction of the cost

Due to the nature of infrared heat, objects in the room absorb and maintain radiant heat better than any other source. And when heat is maintained longer, you have less need to run your home's thermostat or your space heater as much. Using an energy efficient infrared heater as a supplemental heating source is what directly contributes to you using less energy and saving more money. Simply let your infrared heater do the work that your home heater usually does at a fraction of the cost.

Quality components = More savings

Highly accurate thermostats help to get the most out of every use. The delayed start function will help you minimize your energy cost. A top of the line heat exchanger allows for quicker heating every time it's turned on. The high quality components of a Comfort Furnace heater means you'll get the efficiency of infrared heat with a product that will last a long time, backed by a Risk-Free Guarantee.

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How To:
Calculate a space heater's energy use

1. Calculate daily kilowatt hours used
You can use this formula to get your daily usage: (Wattage x Hours/day used) / 1000

(1500 watts x 5 hours per day) / 1000 = 7.5 kilowatt hours of electricity used per day 

2. Multiply by your local energy rate
You can find your energy rates on your electric bill or by calling your electric company.

Local energy rate of $0.08
7.5 kw hours/day * .08 = $0.60
$0.60 for 5 hours of usage = $0.12 per hour

That's no more energy consumption than your home's coffee machine. On average, customer's will pay about $1 a day to operate their infrared heater. When compared to the cost of other heating methods, infrared heat is the best energy saving method around.

Our customer testimonials say it all.