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Comfort Furnace Infrared Heater

Advanced Technology

Infrared heaters are a viable home heating option for tons of reasons, and Comfort Furnace heaters are amongst the best. It works like this: Each Comfort Furnace infrared heater is equipped with four quartz infrared heating elements. When these heating elements reach a certain temperature inside the quartz tubing, the infrared heat rays - which are invisible to the human eye - begin to emit from the copper-lined heating element chamber. This air is then blown out of the unit by a quiet fan to give you fast, clean warmth each and every time.


The comfort furnace infrared heating system is not only effective, it's highly efficient as well. Since the radiant heat penetrates solid objects and heats them from the inside out, temperatures maintain longer and saving you money on energy costs. Another great benefit is the elimination of "cold pockets" that are common in most convection heating systems. Because the heat is evenly distributed, temperatures are balanced from floor to ceiling within a couple of degrees. It's truly the epitome of "zoned heating". If that wasn't enough, each unit is programmable so you're only using it when you need it the most, and comes with a filter that helps kill 97% of all airborne pathogens. So it's not far fetched to believe that, under the right conditions, Comfort Furnace infrared heaters will save on energy consumption by up to 50%.

Clean and Safe

Electric infrared heaters do not produce pollutants, gases, or harmful byproducts. Also, since the heating elements are in a separate fireproof heat exchanger, any extreme heat stays within the chamber. This prevents inside wiring from melting and keeps the outside of the heater safe to the touch. This is why it's perfect around children and pets.

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