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Comfort Furnace is Safe, Reliable Heating

Comfort Furnace makes safest, highest quality infrared heaters for your home.
Is infrared heat safe? Yes, our infrared heaters are designed with safety and superior quality in mind.

Unlike many conventional heating methods, you don't have to worry about gas leaks, carbon monoxide, or fires. The infrared quartz portable furnace produces heat without any dangerous gases or byproducts. Heating elements are isolated within the unit inside a separate fireproof heat exchange with one inch of dead air space all the way around the heating chamber. This important safety feature means any extreme heat stays within in the heating chamber. The outside of the furnace does not get hot enough to scorch or burn, making it safe for use around young children and pets.

Infrared Heaters and Safe and Energy Efficient

Within the unit, wiring and other parts are protected from the heat which can cause melting, shorting, and even fires in traditional space heaters.

Not only are these the safest room to room heaters around, they are also the very best quality. Only our infrared heaters can boast 20,000 hour infrared heating elements - four times longer than elements in any other brand of infrared quartz heaters. This is made possible by our special design which uses a stainless steel coil around each element to draw away excess heat, extending the life of the heating element. When an element does finally need replacement, there's no need to ship the heater back to us for service. We ship the new element directly to you with a service reimbursement voucher so you never have to be without your heater.

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