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Energy Efficient Heating

It seems people everywhere are searching for and employing methods of saving some type of green. There are the groups going green to save the environment as well as those simply trying to save hard earned cash. There are also those who are discovering effective methods of doing both simultaneously. One of the methods being implemented today is the use of space heaters. The question is just exactly how energy efficient are space heaters.

All or Nothing

Most individuals have a kind of all or nothing attitude. That is to say, they believe that an idea must be completely embraced to be effective or there is no use in even considering it. This is almost never true. Supplemental space heating can be both ecofriendly and cost efficient, if implemented correctly. There are also space heaters on the current market which have been designed to be ecofriendly. Attempting to heat an entire home with space heaters, especially a large home, is not ecofriendly or cost sufficient. In fact it wastes a great deal of resources including effort.

Space heaters are named just for what their intended use is, to heat a space, not a home. The best way to use space heaters is in conjunction with a main heating system to a heat a small space, unless, of course, the dwelling itself is a tiny house. For example, it is energy efficient to lower the thermostat within the entire home and use a space heater to heat an area or room which individuals will be spending most of their time. Perhaps this could be a home office and when the work day is complete the heater should be turned off or moved to the next room which will be used. A few helpful tips to get the most bang for the buck are:

  • Purchase a heater which is designed to be energy efficient as well as portable.
  • Lower the thermostat of the main heating system which controls the temperature for the building.
  • Dressing temperature appropriate alone will lower energy bills as well as increase individual comfort.


One of the first considerations of heating any home is to ensure it is properly insulated. Regardless of what type of heat is used, it will be much more cost effective in a well-insulated dwelling. It is also very important to ensure that the home’s current electrical system is capable of powering all of the appliances it houses. Space heaters can be quite safe as long as they are attended. It is estimated that space heaters are involved in nearly 80% of all home fire related fatalities.

These home fires are often caused by carelessness and/or insufficient electrical systems. If the heater causes an overload, it can spark a fire during the process of an electrical short. In other cases, the heater was not properly cared for or placed too close to a flammable object. It is very important to ensure pace heaters are properly cleaned and free of dust and debris. It is also essential that someone attends the heater. It should never be left unattended or used at night while residents are sleeping. It should be placed well away from any flammable objects.

All in all space heaters can be a wonderful heating addition. They can drastically lower energy bills when used properly. It is best to become familiar with the various types as well as the central heating system which is in place. It is also a good idea to spend an extra few dollars, if necessary, to adequately insulate the home.

Energy Efficient Heaters

There are numerous heaters on today’s market and trying to sort through them all can quickly become overwhelming. It is important to determine exactly what is needed and then perform a little research to decide which best suits the home’s or office’s requirements. It is also a good idea to set a budget before making any purchase. Below are five of the most energy efficient available on the current market.

Climb, Inc. – CF1500UV-WTA

Climb, Inc. – CF1500UV-WTA Climb Inc. offers a great infrared heater which features a large, easy to read temperature display and a thermostat with 2 degree accuracy. This little unit has been designed with a UVC light which destroys 97% of all air borne contaminants. It also features an enhanced heat exchanger which dramatically increases air flow for more rapid heating and warms areas of up to 1,000 square feet. This heater can decrease energy consumption by up to 50% and includes a 30 day money back guarantee.

US Stove Company Multi-Fuel Stove - 6041HF

 US Stove Company Multi-Fuel Stove - 6041HF The American Harvest Stove has been EPA Certified to burn corn; pellets; cherry pits; soybeans; and many other types of condensed biomass fuels. It is designed with 9 separate heat settings and a digital control board which features built in diagnostics. It also features an ash pan which is removable, air wash glass, and giant viewing window. It has been designed with an innovative fuel feed system which prevents burn back and allows the user to safely burn non-premium fuels. This unit heats around 1,500 square feet, is extremely clean burning, and has a 75% energy efficiency rating.

Mr. Heater 30000 BTU Vent Free Radiant Heater NG

 Mr. Heater 30000 BTU Vent Free Radiant Heater NG The Mr. Heater Vent Free radiant unit is very safe and extremely clean burning. It can be conveniently mounted on the wall or used free standing and requires absolutely no electricity. It features a spark igniter using only a single AA battery and a blower fan which effectively increase heat and air circulation. This heater is available in either natural gas or propane burning models. This unit is 75% more energy efficient over electric models.

Lava Heat Italia Ember 51000 BTU NG Patio Heater

 Lava Heat Italia Ember 51000 BTU NG Patio Heater The Lava Heat Ember Patio Heater was originally designed by the renowned Mr. JR Zioni from Italy. It projects heat in a 360 degree 5 foot radius. It is made with a solid steel construction and features an easy start electric manual ignition. This powerhouse provides an amazing 51,000 BTUs to bring warmth, class, and beautiful ambiance to any outdoor environment. The Lava Heat unit remains cool and safe to touch, includes a tilt switch auto shutoff, and is CSA Certified. This patio heater’s energy efficiency, when compared to its competition, is 10% of the operational cost.

Heat Storm 1300 Watt Infrared Patio Heater

 Heat Storm 1300 Watt Infrared Patio Heater The Heat Storm Infrared Patio Heater provides warmth for a 50 square feet for any outdoor environment or 650 square feet of an indoor area. It heats with infrared technology and emits no toxic fumes because only a standard electrical outlet is required to power it. One of the best features of heating with this type of technology is it never removes moisture from its environment. It may be used free standing or easily mounted on a wall. This unit has received a 90% energy efficiency rating.