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Customer Testimonials

I say AHmazing because within just 2hrs of plugging it in the temp in my house went up 3degrees and as I could feel it warming the room all I could say was Ahhhhh. I love how if I want it to be a little warmer I dont even have to get up from the comfort of my seat thanks to the remote control feature :-) All in all a great product. My grandfather recommended it to me and he said he's saved so much money the last couple winters since he's started used it. I cant wait to see the savings start rolling in!

Great Buy
i would recommend this to anybody that has around 1000 sq.ft house. i set our heater at 65f and it keeps our house around 68 to 70 degrees. it not only heats but it also kills mold spoors flu viruses animal dander. it helps clean the buy the extended warranty.

This Heater is Great
My dad and sister bought me one of these for my birthday. I live in a mobile home and have tried many heaters in the past only to see my electric bill skyrocket, and little or no extra warmth. This heater has cut my lp usage by ONE HALF, and my electric bill has gone up only $30 per month. This is a great trade off as I live in Pennsylvania and our winters have been colder than usual lately. For once, I feel warm and comfortable in my home with no worry that it is costing me a small fortune. I leave the heater on at all times, but do adjust my thermostat on my furnace to kick on to keep my pipes from freezing. I would gladly tell anyone what a great product this is.

Best Space Heater Ever!
Worth every penny. No need for propane this year. Live in northern Michigan. We're trying to get by on just these heaters for our home. Have to get up at night to turn down the heat in the bedroom. Got electrical bill after one month of use and bill is actually 10 dollars cheaper than month before. Figured out it cost me 10 cents an hour to run this heater. Also buy the warranty on the elements. Will pay for its self in one replacement. Great deal. I'm gonna get more for other rooms in the house. So excited.

Great Heater!
I've had this heater for 2 weeks now and it does a very nice job of heating a large area. It really does keep the whole area warm and toasty. I set the Comfort furnace heater at 69 degrees and my home furnace at 65. My home furnace has not had to kick in yet with these settings. I have a natural gas furnace so I get both electric and gas bills to pay every month. The gas bills are brutal through the winter. I expect to save a bundle this winter on my gas bills.

Best Investment Ever!
I purchased one last year. I have never been so warm and my furnace rarely runs. I saw a definate drop in my utility bills. I will be purchasing one for my Daughter and her family.