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Infrared Space Heaters

The infrared heating technology in our portable furnace heats in a manner similar to the sun's rays,gently and evenly warming the air without drying it. We call this infrared energy. Other space heaters can scorch and eliminate moisture in the air in your home as they heat, much like a hair dryer dries wet hair as it heats. Our infrared heaters, however, use the humidity in the air to spread moist, even heat throughout your space. Infrared energy is pure radiation and is absorbed by an object without physical contact with the heat source itself or by heating the surrounding air, as is the case with conventional forced air systems. In other words, the infrared energy that is emitted by the heater is absorbed by sinks, flooring, fixtures, etc. It's the ultimate source for safe and reliable heat. Also keep in mind that by heating the objects in the room, temperatures can be maintained longer and you will save money month after month.

When you turn on your new infrared heater, heating elements warm up within the heating chamber. Once the elements inside have reached the proper temperature, a quiet scroll-style fan pulls air inside and through the heating chamber. The air is gently warmed as it passes through a heating chamber and is then pushed out the front of the portable heating unit for clean warmth time and time again.

The figures below show how Radiant Heat is effective at transforming any living space into a warm, comfortable area in a just a few short hours. It heats the objects in the room evenly from floor to ceiling each and every time.

View our beautiful selection of infrared space heaters and find the one that's right for you.

Efficient Infrared Space Heaters