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       Patio Heaters 

Entertain outdoors in style and comfort with Patio Heaters


Outdoor get-togethers are a great way to enjoy your yard or deck with your loved ones. Stay warm and comfortable when temperatures drop with a stylish patio heater from Heater.com. Before you start shopping around, here are a few options you can get acquainted with to see which is the best fit for your outdoor set-up. 


Patio Heater Styles




Full-size patio heaters stand on level ground to heat a distance up to approximately 20’ depending on the type of heater. This style is perfect for larger backyard parties and will easily heat your entire deck or patio.




If you are limited on space or just prefer your backyard gatherings to be a little more intimate, go with a table-top patio heater. Many models have an anti-tilt mechanism which turns the unit off as soon as it tilts over, making them extremely safe. This more affordable option heats up to approximately 3’, perfect for a romantic table for two in the comfort of your own yard.




When walking space is limited, wall-mounted patio heaters are extremely convenient. This type of patio heater is often the most expensive option but for good reason. Not only will they stay out of your way, some models can heat a space up to 100 sq. feet! Wall-mounted patio heaters are great for larger outdoor gatherings like wedding receptions or retirement parties.


Types of Patio Heaters




Electric patio heaters can be used both indoors and out since they do not operate by combustion. They are the most efficient types of patio heaters, converting nearly 100% of their energy into heat. Electric heaters also do not heat the air around it, only people and objects. They can, however, take a little time to warm up but it is usually not longer than 60 seconds.


Natural Gas


Patio heaters powered by natural gas have the lowest operating costs of any type of patio heater. Refilling them is never an issue since natural gas patio heaters have a constant supply of fuel. This style of heater does, however, require some maintenance. Occasionally, the unit will have to be professionally plumbed.




Propane-powered patio heaters are another eco-friendly option since propane is an approved clean fuel. These models may be the most expensive to operate but can cover a large area. Standing propane patio heaters can heat an area up to approximately 20’. They also require a little more attention and maintenance. It is always important to check your equipment for leaks or defects before use.


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