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Refurbished Heaters

What's a "refurb"?
Refurbished (refurb) heaters are products that have either been previously returned, opened and/or used and that have gone through a thorough inspection process to identify what, if any, issues they may have. It's during this time where a professional certified technician literally hand inspects the unit and makes any necessary repairs or replaces any worn out parts. This results in each unit being restored to a like-new condition that's ready for re-sell.

Are refurbs tested?
Yes, regardless of the reason it was returned to us, all heaters are inspected and thoroughly tested by a professional before they are ready for re-sale. We refer to this as the certification process. So yes, all heaters are tested and are in like-new condition when they reach your door.

Why buy a refurb?
The obvious answer is the price. Refurbished products will typically save you 25% or more off the retail price. And with energy prices the way they are, we're sure you see the value in that.

Can refurbs be returned?
Absolutely. Like all of our other products, they are subject to our standard return policy. In addition, an original manufacturer warranty may be included. Please see individual product pages for applicable warranty information.

100% Factory Certified Refurbished Heaters