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Simple Steps to Save Money All Year Round

Bills and finances

Be the CFO of your home and institute a quarterly review of your monthly bills. What are you paying for that you don't use or could do without? For example, do you really watch all those satellite TV channels? Do you still use your landline telephone?

Don't waste your money on late fees - make sure you pay all your bills on time. If you have trouble remembering, sign up for a bill pay service through your bank or check into any automatic payment options available for your bills.

Pay off credit card debt now. Consolidate your debt at a low interest rate and pay as much as you can bear on your balance each month - that means much more than the minimum required payment! Money paid in interest is money you will never get back so limit it as much as possible.

Reduce your household energy usage. We have tons of great energy saving tips for cooling season and heating season. Not only will you save money on your monthly utility bills, but you'll be doing your part to lessen your impact on the environment.

Food & Groceries

Skip the take out and cook at home. For many of us with busy schedules, this is easier said than done. So start easy. Commit to cooking at home at least one night a week until you can bump that commitment up to two nights, and so on. Not sure where to start? A quick internet search for "easy weeknight dinners" will give you more ideas than you could ever possibly use!

Along those same lines, start bringing your own lunch a few days a week instead of eating out every day. Look at it as a chance to take a nice leisurely lunch break without the rushed drive to and from the office. Bonus: Don't be surprised if you drop a few pounds, too. Restaurant dishes are notoriously overpriced, oversized, and loaded with extra fat. Brown bagging it a few days a week could save you plenty of cash and calories.

When you head to the store to gather ingredients for all those tasty homemade dinners and brown bag lunches, make sure you have a list - and stick to it! Don't be tempted by impulse items and overly processed foods. As a general rule, the less work you have to put into preparing a food, the higher the price you will pay. Put in a little more prep work and you'll save a bundle. Don't forget to BYOB - that is, bring your own bags. These days, many stores offer a discount to customers who bring their own reusable shopping bags.

Drink more water. It's not just better for your health, it's great for your wallet, too. Addictive drinks like coffee, tea, and sodas are getting more costly every day. The health problems associated with all the extra caffeine and sugar in these drinks will cost you money in the long run, too. Purchase a filtering bottle, pitcher, or faucet to bottle your own water and you'll save even more money. If you simply can't give up your morning coffee, make your own at home instead of shelling out money at a pricey cafe.


At the movies, choose matinees for the lower price tickets and avoid the popcorn, drinks, and candy in the lobby. The mark-up on these items are incredible! Check out daily deal sites for even more deals on movie tickets and other entertainment outings. A recent deal on a popular site offered two adult show tickets for $13 - not bad!

Sign up for emails or texts from companies like Redbox or Blockbuster Express and you'll receive coupons and special offers, as well as one or more codes for a free rental each month. You can't get cheaper than free!

If you love to read, be sure to check the store for a used copy of your chosen title first. Better yet, set up a book exchange with friends - every saves some money and you have someone to discuss your new favorite book with! If you don't know any fellow bibliophiles, go to You list the titles you have available to trade and the titles you're interested in reading, and the site figures out the rest.

Be sure to check your local library for all the latest CDs, DVDs, and books you're interested in, too. You'll save money and support the public library system at the same. If they don't have what you're looking for, be sure to check with the librarians. Many libraries participate in interlibrary loan systems to share popular and new titles. Request a title and they'll let you know when they get it in from another library. Just be sure to return your books on time - paying all those late fees would defeat the purpose.

At Home

Think about all the disposables in your house and consider how they can be replaced with something reusable. For instance, paper towels or napkins can easily be replaced with reusable, washable hand towels and cloth napkins. For your cleaning projects, consider washable microfiber cloths instead. Besides saving you money, these cloths wipe things clean without leaving behind that annoying paper towel fuzz. Just be sure to wash them separately from any other towels or anything else that may shed fibers.

Make your own cleaning products instead of buying the costly brands at the store. You'd be surprised how many household products can be made using cheap, easy to find ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, and rubbing alcohol. You can find recipes for homemade versions of nearly any kind of cleaning or household product you could ever need online, from furniture polish to pest control spray. For now, here's a few basic recipes to get you started:

Got any more great tips on how to save money year round? We'd love to hear them!